featured5 - Bet on It: Tips on Placing a Bet and How to Win It

Bet on It: Tips on Placing a Bet and How to Win It

Football, volleyball, and basketball all have something in common—they’re sports that inspire passion and dedication to a large following of fans. There’s absolutely nothing that can compare to the feeling of watching your favorite team go all the way and win. Why not add to the fun and bet on the point spread or in what fashion your team will win?

If you’re an aspiring bettor, chances are you’re already of legal age; that is absolutely a must. Here are tips on how to begin your betting journey.

Choose your Bet

You should be familiar with the different types of bets you can make. Just about any sport—be it motorsports or ball games—can be bet on. In motorsports, you can bet on the driver and what order they finish the race in. You can also bet on baseball and win big, if you manage to bet on the winning team. The same can be said for basketball or football, but another way you can bet on these games is to bet on the point spread between the winning and the losing team.

Bet by Phone

You can also bet on your favorite team by betting through the phone. A call can be made to your bookmaker, provided that they have that service. You tell them your bets and they will confirm it for you. You’ll be paying them through debit or credit card. Other payment options may be provided to you—they could shave your payment off your winnings outright—and you could also bet through credit.

Sportsbooks Bets

Another popular option for betting is through sportsbooks. These are regular fixtures in a Vegas casino; that’s because it’s the only US state where gambling is regulated. Other states don’t have it. The usual arrangement for sportsbook betting is to place the bets and you get to watch the game on a screen in the casino. There’s an added thrill to seeing your team win knowing that you’ve also won big.

Bet in Bookmaking Shops

These are very common to sportsbooks. The only difference is that they’re found in other regions outside of the US, like UK. Betting requires you to go to these shops, place a bet with the clerk at the counter, and pay in exchange for a bet slip. When you win, you can claim your winnings by presenting your slip to the same cashier. If you’ve won a small amount, you may be paid in cash; otherwise you’re required to choose from whatever available payout option the bookmaking shop has.

Online Bets

The easiest way you’ll be able to place a bet, perhaps, is through an online bookmaker. There are apps on mobile phones available for this; alternatively, you can also go online through your favorite online casino. Sports betting had become pretty widespread since the advent of faster, more efficient Internet connections. It’s easier, you can do it everywhere, and it’s more convenient to bet as the game or the race is progressing.

It’s not that hard to choose your winning bet—there are options available to you. It’s just a matter of choosing your game and, as they say, getting the luck of the draw.

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featured4 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018

Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018

The year 2017 saw young guys take the forefront of the Poker Championships and make their mark on it. However, there are a lot of other poker players that are looking for their next big win. These players have amassed their wins through the years and are looking to extend it well and beyond this year to the next and the year after that.

With the New Year under way, the top players last year seem poised to continue their dominating run. Here are the victorious and the kings of Poker for the foreseeable future.

11 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018Daniel Negreanu
Worth: $34MDan Negreanu has been at his lofty standing for a decade already. He seems to just have natural luck playing poker; his position on top of the boards isn’t because of nothing. He has had more cash-ins at $1M or more although his biggest win, to date, had been at the $8M range. He’s also had wins in the international arena—more than any other player on this list.
12 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018Erik Seidel
Worth: $33MSeidel can be considered a part of the old guard. He started his lucrative career with a win—a sophomore effort—at the ’88 WSOP event. Doing this way before more recent winners, his hand was even featured in a movie. It was, however, in 2011 when his name became bigger; his win was in the million-dollar range and it came within 12 months of each other and on different countries, no less.
  13 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018Fedor Holz
Worth: $26MFedor is among the younger players on this list. His various tournament credentials speak for him. He was also voted best among many Online MTT players for two consecutive years (2014; 2015) yet his best year, so far, was still 2016. He managed to get his first big win during that year; wins at the WSOP, No-Limit Hold’Em, and the Super High Roller tournament cemented his legacy well into 2017.
14 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018Phil Ivey
Worth: $23MThe ‘Tiger Woods’ of poker is a member of the up-and-coming crowd. He allegedly created a legend, playing underage in casinos in New Jersey using an alias. He won the WSOP in 2000; since then, he has added more tournaments to his name. He took home another WSOP chip in 2009 and also won the $250K challenge in Australia. 2012 and 2014 were big years for the young gun.
15 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018Steve O’Dwyer
Worth: $20MKnown as an American professional player, Steve O’Dwyer has the Poker Tour in Europe and most other high-roller competitions under his belt. He is only one of two people on this list who have wins in several different continents, with his top achievement being the Super High Roller of Poker tournament where he won the Chip. He’s been quiet in 2017, mostly, but is still held in high regard as a fairly high roller.

Time will only tell when these players will begin slipping. However, as it seems, their names are still red-hot and can only become hotter.