We live by getting and giving streaming videos from websites and to websites. Here are the various accredited sports associations and the videos they have up for streaming. Note that these are available to be posted on your website for the fee of only a back link and credits.


Sports Associations

-Volleyball Federation, Bavaria (BVV)

Watch videos of the Volleyball Federation of Bavaria through streaming on websites.

-The BVV Beach Volley Cup

Re-live the exciting moments of the Volley Cup through our streaming videos.

-Association of Berlin Ringers
Georg Benjamin St.,
13125 Berlin

-Judo Association of Bremen

Feel the kicks, feel the excitement! Stream our judo videos and other videos here.

-The Berlin Association for Modern Pentathlon
Hanns Braun Strasse, Am Adlerplatz
14053 Berlin

-Bavarian Table Tennis Association (Circle 16)

Table Tennis videos.

-Bavarian Table Tennis Association, District Oberbayern

More table tennis action from the Oberbayern branch.


Sports Societies

-Berlin Baskets EV
Website: www.berlin-baskets.de
Mail: [email protected]

Relive the excitement of Berlin basketball as teams fight for the coveted Euro cup! Eurobasketball streaming at its finest.

-Mix Fight Gala

A mix-tape of the best fighters in the region. Review your next opponent or develop new moves through video reviews.


Other Links

-Information (Bowling)

The best bowlers in the region, available to watch in action.


-Judo NRW

More judo action! Kicks and punches galore through streaming and live videos.

-SchaperSportgeratebau GmbH
NottulnerLandweg, 107 48161

Phone: 02534 621712
Fax: 02534 621720
Website: www.sportschaeper.de