a1 - About Us

RSK 1 was built on the foundations of becoming the preferred sports portal for our region. Globally, we want to become the preferred sports portal for people who want to stay up to date on figures and competitions. We harness the power of the Internet to bring our clients global sports anytime, anywhere.

Dieter Bomholt was faced with a problem one night that led to the formation of RSK 1. It was supposed to be a relaxing night watching his favorite team beat their rivals. However, one thing led to another and what was supposed to have been a night for watching and rooting turned into frustration as the program he wanted to watch was pre-empted for another. He ended up with something outside of his plans.

Working on his frustration, he sought table tennis club mate Adrian Gluchow and came up with an idea for an Internet channel. A TV station would have been too meticulous and they simply don’t have the resources to put up one.

When August 2007 came around, RSK 1 came into existence. The goal of the portal was to cater to athletes and sports fans alike. The mission of the site is to turn the spotlight to sports that are rarely covered—a site for athletes by athletes as well. Incidentally, Dieter and Adrian are table tennis club members, so that isn’t just a collection of words.