featured11 - Optional Millionaire: From Serving Tea to Dealing Traders

Optional Millionaire: From Serving Tea to Dealing Traders

He was once a staff at Maccy D’s, serving tea and accommodating customers for a living. That and he needed the money for college. Little did he know that he was about to make a big transition. From serving the needs of financial traders and binary option hustlers, this 16-year-old made a quick turnaround. He’s now one of the people that he used to serve.

Meet Robert Mfune

Robert had a dream which started early—he used this dream to get a job at the local fast-food and food store near his college to get by. Diligently, though, he was an A student. He used this to study up on financial options and binary trading. He was also a keen student; never one for being shy, he caught up with the people he served, asking them for tips about trading and the market he would one day become a part of.

Rough Life, Rough Start

It wouldn’t be a cakewalk for him, however. Aside from studies, his part-time jobs kept him busy and he had to juggle everything. He managed, however, to create an account to trade under by using his mom’s age; that didn’t work, however, as there came a point in time when even his mom told him to stop it. It seemed that his dreams were about to be dashed when that happened. He had to improvise, and so he did.

It wasn’t easy, though, even though he was friends with a few traders; while he worked part-time at fast foods, he also lost big at trading.

Perseverance Pays Off

When he turned full-time trader, however, things changed; by 19, he was the primary provider in their household. He managed to have a collection of properties under his name. He also manages artists on the side—Novelist is one of the artists under his stable. To top it all off, the once-struggling college student managed to buy for himself a gold-plated Bentley, a custom-made vehicle.

It All Pays Off

Robert credits his success to learning and learning big from his experiences. He says it’s not all smooth sailing and that you have to suffer big to earn big. However, as he reiterates, the key is to never give up even if it doesn’t look good at the start. Perhaps, it’s these experiences that enabled him—and especially his mom—to stay down-to-earth in spite of his financial success.

It’s not all smooth sailing. People will always be envious of his success, and he’s proven that one time when he was driving. However, having friends that were with him when he was at the bottom still around keeps him grounded and determined both at the same time.

featured10 - Binary Option Stories—The Truth About Binary Option Millionaires

Binary Option Stories—The Truth About Binary Option Millionaires

Binary option stories will always be a source of inspiration for people who want to get rich. They want to get big bucks and are into getting rich quick. However, it’s safe to assume that they will also listen to sound advice. No suggestion is better than being told that success stories such as this just don’t happen overnight—as most of these stories will prove, they happen over time.

Avoid the Lies and the Scams

31 - Binary Option Stories—The Truth About Binary Option Millionaires

Most stories will start with people getting rich overnight, but let’s face it; no one really gets rich overnight, nor do they quickly reap the benefits of their risks. Even the millionaires who managed to become rich will tell you that it takes years of practice trading and lots of time perfecting their craft to achieve financial stability. You need to take this into heart the moment you decide to trade and envision doing it for a living.

Fail, but Learn from It

32 - Binary Option Stories—The Truth About Binary Option Millionaires

Authentic stories are far from those that say getting rick quick is possible; it will often feature failures, but it will also feature turning adversity to success. How do you do this? Failures are lessons to learn from. It’s true while you’re studying and it’s also a reality when you’re learning to trade. Trading is something you should learn from anyway, so you should take your time and become successful by becoming a student of the deal.

Don’t Splurge

33 - Binary Option Stories—The Truth About Binary Option Millionaires

Many neophyte traders will make the mistake of betting more than they can actually spare on binary options in the hopes of making a steal. However, even the best of them have learned to have a definite budget which they can spare. Most traders will, on an average, trade about 2.5% of their profits. That’s already a big amount than most traders are willing to part with. Even when trading, your success hinges on the money you manage to save.

Sometimes, Luck Plays a Big Part

34 - Binary Option Stories—The Truth About Binary Option Millionaires

While most success stories are the result of diligence and playing it safe, quite a few of them are freak coincidences and, generally, just people being lucky. It doesn’t mean that these people didn’t practice diligence and saving up on their trading—they just got the better deal again and again. You should learn to look through the lines and figure out when a story is based on sheer luck or it’s based on the fact that you should play it step by step.

Most people who got rich quickly doing binary options had the benefit of a surprise windfall of circumstances happening one on the top of the other. Remember to always play safe—listen to sage advice and don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

featured9 - Easy Money—Not: Possible Neophyte Money with Binary Options

Easy Money—Not: Possible Neophyte Money with Binary Options

Perhaps the greatest success story people will consider is to get rich and do it in a short span of time. That’s the great dream of everyone. However, people should be careful not to be blinded by this short term plan. Some consider trading to be the quickest route toward that path to riches—however, they should take care not to be blinded by it.

Beginners should take care not to be too confident with getting rich in trading. However, how can they, if they could ever, become rich in binary trading?

Get Started with a Reliable Partner

The first thing to do is to get a broker that would help you in making decisions. First-timers will have a difficult time with the learning curve. Software like HighLow and FXMasterBot should help you in getting your feet wet, so to speak. If not, then you can try other options. You can play scenarios in here until you’re comfortable enough to go and do binary option trading yourself.

Create your First Account

There’s something you need to know upfront—creating an account is reserved for people who are of legal age. You can’t create an account if you’re not yet allowed. Even if you create an account using someone else’s, like your mother or an older relative, it is advisable to have your own. Once you have this, you can start trading and look for reasonable trading scenarios to create your very first transaction. Read this 24option review for more information.

Have a Purpose

When you’re making your first trade, you should think of it as investing money into a worthwhile cause—your own cause. If you’re not serious, you might end up getting a broker rich instead of yourself. Learn your purpose. Determine what your need is in trading your money through betting. If you’ve got this cleared up, you can start trading and explore different deals that you think is good and will benefit you in the long run.

Practice and Learn

The best way to learn something is to put endless hours of practice into it. There’s no shortcut to success, so they say, and money cannot be earned overnight unless you win the lottery. You can practice by trading and dealing with stocks first; once you’re ready, if you fail on your first binary option deal, don’t be disheartened. Seek out better deals and don’t be afraid to make them. After all, this is the only way you’ll be able to search for good deals on your own.

It’s easy to become frustrated and heartbroken if your first deals don’t come out the way you thought they would. Don’t worry; earning should be the least of your troubles at the beginning. Learn to make the right deals and the rest will come easy.

featured8 - Beginner’s Luck: How to Trade Binary Options for Beginners

Beginner’s Luck: How to Trade Binary Options for Beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere. People who want to dabble with binary options should apply a few rules, and as such, they should learn how not to be blinded by a get-rich-quick scheme. There are a few unspoken rules—and the first of these is to know that it’s not easy to get rich in binary options.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get rich in it. If you’re beginning in binary option trading, there are a few things you should know, and a lot of things you have to learn.

What is Binary Options and How do I deal in it?

Binary options is sort of like a game, but you bet on whether prices of stocks or anything in the global exchange will go up or down. You guess it correctly and you’ll get up to 190% of the amount you placed. Get it wrong and you’ll get nothing; it’s that simple. Practicing is the only real way you’re going to get good at binary options, so it pays to be ready to risk and risk big or don’t even try at all.

Where do I learn the trends of money?

You usually get the help of software for that. Trading in binary options isn’t an exact science; you either do it or you don’t. You can get software that fetches the information for you and you see the results in forms of diagrams and pictographs. Once you have a good feel of the trend of gold and silver or the rise and fall of a certain stock, you’ll be able to go online with confidence and bet on the rise or fall of your choice.

Where do I open an account?

Have you heard of the names IQ Option, HighLow, and BD Swiss? These are the dealers for binary options. Once you’ve got your choice, you create an account with them. You usually are charged a small amount of money (a deposit) and minimum trade amounts (usually $1) before you get on it. Beginners should expect to lose money first or get lost within the system. It is, after all, a learning experience.

How do I work with money?

There are two things you can do with your money. You can deposit it, in which case, you’ll have to fund what you call a ‘trading account.’ Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to go. The withdrawal method, on the other hand, goes straight into your existing bank account. There are systems within brokers to have your bank account readily connected so that you’ll have an easier time getting your money.

It’s more like a game of chance but with the best choice being an educated guess. Binary options teach you a lot about trading and taking risks and chances. If you’re not ready, consider not trading—otherwise, trade away!

info3 - Beginner’s Luck: How to Trade Binary Options for Beginners

Infographic by: infographicjournal.com
featured7 - The Best Brokers of 2018—Binary Option’s Brightest Stars

The Best Brokers of 2018—Binary Option’s Brightest Stars

Gambling your money is a make-or-break decision. Gambling your money away on a calculated risk, though, could be slightly better; the problem is you’re still leaving your money in a wager with no sure way of getting it back bigger or better. What’s tempting is that you stand to get a return that will be greater than the amount you put in.

If you’re going to deal with binary option trading, the first thing you’re going to do is to make an account with a broker. Here are some online brokers that are currently among the most recommended.

Choice 1:IQ Option

21 - The Best Brokers of 2018—Binary Option’s Brightest Stars

This broker came onto the scene in 2012 and, since then, has managed to be active on the Internet. The software is an in-house developed program; returns are in the 91 percentile. That being said, the countries it caters to are limited and some of the biggest countries in the world, like the US, have yet to be served. There’s a free demo and a minimum required deposit of $10 to get you started.

Choice 2:Marketsworld

22 - The Best Brokers of 2018—Binary Option’s Brightest Stars

An app or program with the words ‘markets’ and ‘world’ combined together sounds promising. The developers for this app are based off The Isle of Mann; the Isle of Mann GSC, coincidentally, is a gambling regulatory agency. The program also requires a minimum required deposit of $10 and a small required trade amount of $1. Your returns are mostly guaranteed to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% to 90%.

Choice 3:Binary.com

23 - The Best Brokers of 2018—Binary Option’s Brightest Stars

A lot of these brokers are based off regular gambling capitals. Binary.com, for instance, is regulated in the British Isles as well as Malta, the UK, and Ireland. US traders are not yet covered, though it remains to be seen if they will be in the future. You can start trading as soon as you have the required money to cover for it; the investment amount is also regulated by your preferred payout. Other brokers are also supported to make for seamless trading.

Choice 4:HighLow

24 - The Best Brokers of 2018—Binary Option’s Brightest Stars

HighLow is an Australian-made broker and is built upon the MarketsPulse platform. Returns are guaranteed up to 90% although US-based traders are, yet again, not covered by this broker. Demo accounts and a mobile app are supported by the broker. It does ask for a fairly high amount as a requirement; the deposit amount is pegged at $10 and the minimum required investment is also around $10.

Choice 5: eToro

25 - The Best Brokers of 2018—Binary Option’s Brightest Stars

eToro might make it seem like a bullish app that lets you trade absolutely any way you want. In truth, it’s not a broker but a social trading network where you can get tips, compare notes with other traders, and imitate strategies that may hopefully work for you. Since it’s a social network, the interaction here is primarily the reason you enter the app; you can receive trading news and insights and dispense some well-needed advice as well, if you’re on the other end of the spectrum.

It’s not that hard to wager, really; what makes it hard is the possibility of losing a bigger amount than you’d be most comfortable with. You should set aside a budget that you would allow to be lost to have peace of mind.

featured6 - Brave Frontier: Binary Option Trading Outside of the US

Brave Frontier: Binary Option Trading Outside of the US

Binary options are a good gamble to make. You’re making a guess on the markets; at the same time, you’re learning to observe how the global markets behave. You get an idea of how things rise and fall, why these stocks and the value of gold and silver fluctuate, and you get knowledge that may be valuable as well should you decide to trade in the stock market.

If you’re going to another country or have decided to move to another, it’s good to know that you can also do binary options there. Here’s how you can trade in binary options even when you’re out of the US.

Fixed Payouts and Risk

Out of the US, the brokers operate differently. Here the brokers offer fixed payouts as well as a slightly higher risk. The brokers are also independent of exchanges and usually operate individually. The brokers earn a living from the percentage between winning payouts and losing payouts. Brokers aren’t allowed to cater to US citizens—it’s against the law. The only brokers allowed to accept US citizens are regulated by a US authority.

Out of the US Type 1: One Touch

Outside of the US, brokers offer different options such as the ‘one touch’ choice. This twofold option lets you create a profit based only on ‘one touch’ to a pre-determined amount. Merchants are also allowed to choose their target before expiry hits. This is perfect for brokers because they don’t need to reach a certain amount to get a profit off a deal—just a slight hit of the amount and the profit is theirs.

Out of the US Type 2: Range

Another option for traders outside the US is the ‘ranged’ paired alternative. This option gives dealers the choice of a value inside a specified amount. If the value remains within the amount, then the payout arrives. However, if there is a sudden fluctuation, a change, or a sudden drop, the amount is lost and the bet is gone. It’s a highly risky wager to make especially during times when the market is volatile.

You Get what you Give

Outside the US, you have a fixed amount that you’ll receive or lose depending on how you run the bet. It’s all a good thing—at the very least, you know what you’re giving and you know what you’re losing. However, given that you already know what you’re getting, usually you’d play it safe. This lessens the chance of you making or breaking big on a wager.

Online brokers offer the best for beginners. Some brokers allow for beginners to create demo wagers and create scenarios. The problem, though, is creating enough time to understand the delicate intricacies of betting on the market fluctuation.

best betting apps

The top sport betting apps for your smartphone

Sports betting apps have made it easier for sports enthusiasts to place betting on
their favorite teams and win big. With the top mobile betting sites and apps, you can update
yourself on the top break news onsports, betting odds, as well as lines. These apps will analyze your
preferred games and give you some tips on which team to place your money on. There are number
of sports betting apps you may want to consider but reviews and analysis has
shown that the top best providers are.

#1: Bovada

Bovada is one of the best mobile betting platforms for
several reasons. First of all, it is user-friendly, fast, and also gives
bonuses to regular users and first-time users. You need to open an account on
this mobile betting platform and a minimum of $10 is required in your account. What
makes Bovada such a great place to place bets and win big? Bovada will give you
50% bonus on any amount you deposit initially, and up to 250$ in bonuses are
awarded on first deposits.

With Bovada, you can bet through the mobile betting option
or in-betting option. With the mobile betting option, you don’t have to
download the app to play, while the in-betting will require that you download
and install the app and place your bets whether you are online or offline- both
options have their advantages.

There are no limit to the number of available sports you can
place bets on, with Bovada mobile betting, MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL , just to
name a few, are perhaps the top games you can monitor on the platform. There
are crazy live betting options you can also make use of, especially when it
comes to special events such as the Super Bowl, where you can wager on several
options such as the first team to score, the first team to be penalized, the
first player to score a point and so on.

Aside from debit and credit card deposits, Bovada also accepts Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, all
over the world. It takes few minutes to register and start using Bovada.

#2: The Oddsshark sports betting app

Just before you head to the sports betting room and start
making your wagers, it will be ideal to download and install the Oddsshark because
it remains one of the best providers when it comes to sports betting online.

Aside from placing bets directly on sports league from
around the world, you can also check up on latest information that may help you
make the right choices on your bets. You can also check the matchups, and data
on specific teams and players. Aside from being one of the top mobile betting
sites, Oddsshark also provide desktop option for getting notifications on the
bet you won or lose as well as ongoing games that are included on your bet.

Oddsshark has been featured on leading media houses as one
of the best sports betting apps, and most especially because of its
convenience, and relatively relaxed terms of usage. For instance, the minimum
deposit you can place, once you have registered on this betting app is $5 and
the minimum you can cash out is $10. Just like any of the top mobile betting
platforms, Oddshark will offer up to 100% on your initial deposits, which is an
incredible way to leverage on your money and place more winning bets.

Oddsshark covers varieties of sporting events which include;
NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, College Basketball and many more. With this sports betting
website, you have access to all the sports betting tools that will increase
your chances of winning big. You can use the Odds calculator for instance to
estimate your potential cashout, or make use of the parlay calculator to
combine all your odds and then calculate the payout for each of your chosen
games. Just like Bovada sports betting app, you can deposit and withdraw your
winnings via a wide range of options, these include debit/credit Visa and
master card, PayPal, and Bank wire transfer.

In conclusion, there are a wide range of many other top
sports betting apps like a William Will App Review out there , they offer similar bonuses
and other wonderful 
odds on their games but none has been found to be more intuitive
and user-friendly 
like Bovada and Oddsshark.

featured5 - Bet on It: Tips on Placing a Bet and How to Win It

Bet on It: Tips on Placing a Bet and How to Win It

Football, volleyball, and basketball all have something in common—they’re sports that inspire passion and dedication to a large following of fans. There’s absolutely nothing that can compare to the feeling of watching your favorite team go all the way and win. Why not add to the fun and bet on the point spread or in what fashion your team will win?

If you’re an aspiring bettor, chances are you’re already of legal age; that is absolutely a must. Here are tips on how to begin your betting journey.

Choose your Bet

You should be familiar with the different types of bets you can make. Just about any sport—be it motorsports or ball games—can be bet on. In motorsports, you can bet on the driver and what order they finish the race in. You can also bet on baseball and win big, if you manage to bet on the winning team. The same can be said for basketball or football, but another way you can bet on these games is to bet on the point spread between the winning and the losing team.

Bet by Phone

You can also bet on your favorite team by betting through the phone. A call can be made to your bookmaker, provided that they have that service. You tell them your bets and they will confirm it for you. You’ll be paying them through debit or credit card. Other payment options may be provided to you—they could shave your payment off your winnings outright—and you could also bet through credit.

Sportsbooks Bets

Another popular option for betting is through sportsbooks. These are regular fixtures in a Vegas casino; that’s because it’s the only US state where gambling is regulated. Other states don’t have it. The usual arrangement for sportsbook betting is to place the bets and you get to watch the game on a screen in the casino. There’s an added thrill to seeing your team win knowing that you’ve also won big.

Bet in Bookmaking Shops

These are very common to sportsbooks. The only difference is that they’re found in other regions outside of the US, like UK. Betting requires you to go to these shops, place a bet with the clerk at the counter, and pay in exchange for a bet slip. When you win, you can claim your winnings by presenting your slip to the same cashier. If you’ve won a small amount, you may be paid in cash; otherwise you’re required to choose from whatever available payout option the bookmaking shop has.

Online Bets

The easiest way you’ll be able to place a bet, perhaps, is through an online bookmaker. There are apps on mobile phones available for this; alternatively, you can also go online through your favorite online casino. Sports betting had become pretty widespread since the advent of faster, more efficient Internet connections. It’s easier, you can do it everywhere, and it’s more convenient to bet as the game or the race is progressing.

It’s not that hard to choose your winning bet—there are options available to you. It’s just a matter of choosing your game and, as they say, getting the luck of the draw.

info2 - Bet on It: Tips on Placing a Bet and How to Win It

Infographic by: visual.ly
featured4 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018

Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018

The year 2017 saw young guys take the forefront of the Poker Championships and make their mark on it. However, there are a lot of other poker players that are looking for their next big win. These players have amassed their wins through the years and are looking to extend it well and beyond this year to the next and the year after that.

With the New Year under way, the top players last year seem poised to continue their dominating run. Here are the victorious and the kings of Poker for the foreseeable future.

11 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018Daniel Negreanu
Worth: $34MDan Negreanu has been at his lofty standing for a decade already. He seems to just have natural luck playing poker; his position on top of the boards isn’t because of nothing. He has had more cash-ins at $1M or more although his biggest win, to date, had been at the $8M range. He’s also had wins in the international arena—more than any other player on this list.
12 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018Erik Seidel
Worth: $33MSeidel can be considered a part of the old guard. He started his lucrative career with a win—a sophomore effort—at the ’88 WSOP event. Doing this way before more recent winners, his hand was even featured in a movie. It was, however, in 2011 when his name became bigger; his win was in the million-dollar range and it came within 12 months of each other and on different countries, no less.
  13 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018Fedor Holz
Worth: $26MFedor is among the younger players on this list. His various tournament credentials speak for him. He was also voted best among many Online MTT players for two consecutive years (2014; 2015) yet his best year, so far, was still 2016. He managed to get his first big win during that year; wins at the WSOP, No-Limit Hold’Em, and the Super High Roller tournament cemented his legacy well into 2017.
14 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018Phil Ivey
Worth: $23MThe ‘Tiger Woods’ of poker is a member of the up-and-coming crowd. He allegedly created a legend, playing underage in casinos in New Jersey using an alias. He won the WSOP in 2000; since then, he has added more tournaments to his name. He took home another WSOP chip in 2009 and also won the $250K challenge in Australia. 2012 and 2014 were big years for the young gun.
15 - Own the World: The Best Poker Players of 2018Steve O’Dwyer
Worth: $20MKnown as an American professional player, Steve O’Dwyer has the Poker Tour in Europe and most other high-roller competitions under his belt. He is only one of two people on this list who have wins in several different continents, with his top achievement being the Super High Roller of Poker tournament where he won the Chip. He’s been quiet in 2017, mostly, but is still held in high regard as a fairly high roller.

Time will only tell when these players will begin slipping. However, as it seems, their names are still red-hot and can only become hotter.

featured3 - The Best of the Past: 2017’s Kings of Poker

The Best of the Past: 2017’s Kings of Poker

The 2017 World Series of Poker has Scott Blumstein winning the coveted $8.15 million pot, becoming the top dog of 2017. At a fairly young age of 25 years, he was dominant, never causing the audience to doubt who was going to win the prize. He did this despite stiff competition coming from Dan Ott and Benjamin Pollak, two equally talented players in their own right.

Blumstein, however, isn’t the biggest winner of 2017. There are others who made through the year with good wins, but let’s focus on his victory a bit.

The Path to Victory

Scott Blumstein did not expect his victory to be so sudden. He was on his way to it, though, when he drew good stack upon good stack to build upon the lead he held over Ott and Pollak. The duo, however, were besieged by luck—they lost their chase when they just got bad stacks while Blumstein built his lead. It was pretty fortuitous for the stacks to come, too, because Blumstein admitted he was getting tired by that point.

Almost a Disaster

Blumstein had a strong start, but the challenges from Ott created doubt in his mind. Pollak was actually eliminated by Ott, but Blumstein’s 66-hand lead was just too big of a lead to overcome. Ott actually had a chance to catch up with a king-nine combination facing off against Blumstein’s sixes. However, Blumstein drew a deuce, and Ott’s ace-eight effort would be for naught as the hand sealed Blumstein’s chip.

Fighting through the Field

It’s not as if Blumstein didn’t have a field to fight against to become the champion too. The Poker Championships attracted a crowd of around 7,221 players which played over two weeks, racking up win after win on tables. It was the third-largest field of players to compete for the chip, with the collective prize swelling up to $67,877, 400. The result becomes even more impressive once you figure out Blumstein fought back a lot of players.

Historic Run

If it wasn’t a record, it was personal history for the 25-year-old poker player. In three days, Blumstein managed to hold on to a 2-1 lead over Ott and he also managed to take down John Hesp on the first day. Through three days, he never surrendered the lead to Ott or any other players who were on his heels, accumulating stack after stack on the way to pocketing the World Poker Championships of 2017.

Here is a final look at the people who won big at the WSOP 2017 Main Event:

Scott Blumstein

Dan Ott

Benjamin Pollak

John Hesp

Antoine Saout

Bryan Piccioli

Damian Salas

Jack Sinclair

Ben Lamb